Industrial IOT Implementation

Industrial IOT Implementation

#1 Industrial IoT Platform for Machine Connectivity

Build your custom IoT solutions at zero upfront investment with Fogwing IoT infrastructure. The most comprehensive and no code IIoT Platform to start your IoT journey.

Industrial IoT Platform for Digital Automation

Fogwing IIoT is the next generation Industrial IoT platform engineered with features to develop IIoT Solutions for various industrial use cases by connecting with machines through Industrial Protocols; Fogwing IIoT Supports industrial equipment monitoring, asset tracking, equipment condition monitoring to predictive maintenance. Citizen users can build and deploy IoT based automation solutions without deep technology expertise. The extended data analytics provides data driven analytical processes to predict operational risks and actions!

Connect, Collect, Analyze and Automate! IIoT is simplified.

Comprehensive Features of Fogwing Industrial IoT

Well-crafted capabilities are built to meet all IoT-based automation requirements.

IIoT as a Service

Industrial IoT Platform offered as a subscription service to achieve IoT Solution at low investment.

Cloud Infrastructure

Highly scalable and secure Cloud Hosted Infrastructure to meet rapid scaling of deployments.

Device Agnostics

Neutral to support any IoT devices, Gateway and Routers or make use of Fogwing Certified Devices.

Secure IoT Network

Supports end-to-end encrypted Cellular Network (3G/4G/5G), NB-IoT, LTE-M, Private LoRaWAN or Wired network.

Protocol Support

Fogwing Platform supports industry standard protocols such as MQTT/S, UDP and API interfaces. Build your IoT solution with freedom.

Cloud Storage

Inbuilt storage and time-series database capacity allows aggregating data from devices for real-time and batch processing.

Rules Engine

No-Code Rules Engine allows validating and trigger any data driven alerts or command of action.


Inbuilt Notification engine to send Info, Critical and Warning alerts via Email, SMS and Web hooks.

Command Center

Advanced Down link Command Center to configure and send command to IoT Devices for Industrial Automation.

Web Portal

Web Portal for Developers, Admins and Operational Manager to play around. Mobile App for Business Users.

Data Processing

Inbuilt Data Integrity Check, Synthetic Arithmetic Formula and Enrichment Processes helps to process the data uniformly.

Cloud Integration

Extended feature to send your Data to any Cloud Services such as Azure Blob, AWS S3 and Google Cloud Storage and Apps.

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