Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Intellioz provides an Application modernization suite of services aimed at updating and enhancing existing software applications to meet current and future business needs. These offerings are designed to improve efficiency, scalability, and effectiveness of legacy systems.

Intellioz offerings includes the following offerings:


1. Legacy System Assessment and Analysis:

This involves evaluating existing applications to identify areas for improvement, potential risks, and modernization needs. The assessment can cover aspects like software architecture, codebase, integration capabilities, and performance issues.

2. Re-platforming and Re-hosting:

This includes moving applications from outdated platforms or infrastructure to more modern, efficient ones. It could involve migrating from on-premises servers to cloud environments, or shifting from older operating systems to newer, supported versions.

3. Code Refactoring:​

This process involves restructuring existing code without changing its external behavior to improve nonfunctional attributes of the software. Refactoring aims to make the code more efficient, readable, and maintainable.

4. Application Re-architecting:​

In cases where simple updates are not enough, applications may need to be re-architected. This can involve changing the fundamental architecture of the application to a more modern structure, such as microservices, to improve scalability and performance.

5. Integration with Modern Technologies:​

Modernizing applications often involves integrating them with newer technologies such as cloud services, AI, data analytics, and IoT. This can enhance the capabilities of the application and allow for more advanced functionalities.

6. UI/UX Modernization:​

Updating the user interface and user experience of applications to make them more user-friendly, accessible, and in line with current design trends.

7. Security Enhancement:​

Strengthening the security of applications by incorporating modern security practices and technologies to protect against current threats and vulnerabilities.

8. Continuous Support and Maintenance:

Offering ongoing support and maintenance services to ensure the modernized applications remain efficient, secure, and aligned with business needs.

9. Training and Change Management:​

Providing training for the organization’s staff to effectively use the modernized systems, and assisting with change management to ensure a smooth transition to the new systems.

10. Compliance and Regulation Checks:

Ensuring that the modernized applications comply with relevant industry standards and regulations.

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