Fogwing IIOT – Ready to Deploy Industrial IOT

Fogwing IIOT – Ready to Deploy Industrial IOT

Get recommendations from our Advisory Services before you invest your cost and efforts in IoT. Industry 4.0 Enabler!

Intellioz brings end-to-end generation Digital Manufacturing solutions to small and medium-sized manufacturing enterprises that are key drivers of innovation and power supply and distribution chains to key industries to fuel the overall world economy. Intellioz provides one-stop value-added digital manufacturing solutions incorporating best-of-the-breed top-rated SaaS, hardware/firmware products, and technologies including SAP, Blueyonder, Microsoft, and Fogwing.
Intellioz helps to Attain Smart Manufacturing with Industrial Cloud with Fogwing IIOT

Industry 4.0 Consulting

Industry 4.0 is the modern phase of revolution in manufacturing industries to gain the value of digital and physical together by automating the processes, predictions, and planning. Smart Manufacturing is the key goal of modern enterprises to enable the visibility and traceability of production operations, performance monitoring, and predictive maintenance. Industrial IoT is the foundation for Smart Manufacturing. We help Small and Medium Enterprises to adopt the Smart Manufacturing model at the lowest investment possible.

If you want to take control of your production operations and stand out amid competition, please call us today.

Digital Manufacturing

Manufacturing is vast and complex in operations. The production performance is critical to meet the demand and high profitability. You must measure the performance metrics to understand your goal and optimize opportunities. You need experts who understand your production processes and IoT technologies to measure the Manufacturing Metrics in real-time. Talk to us! Empower your business.


IoT Strategy Consulting

Are you ready for IoT? Internet of Things is not a buzzword anymore, many enterprises are investing in Industrial IoT technologies to get access to their business and production operations. However, IoT is a complex and deep technology that requires significant investment; But before investment, you should assess the ROI of your investment. We are here to help you to assess your readiness and predict the ROI. Reach us for the best results.

IoT Implementation

Innovation is the key to IoT implementation, take advantage of our innovation expertise to design your unique solutions. There are many IoT platforms, devices, and communication networks available, but not all are the same. You need to pick and choose the best device, connectivity, and cloud platform for the best results. We strongly recommend you invest a small amount of effort in prototyping the best IoT solution before direct major investment. Our IoT expertise is available to help you. Make a better choice.

Data Intelligence Services

Digital Transformation requires data-driven intelligence to deliver value to business. Internet of Things and Connected Workplace delivers plenty of data for processing. You need an expert to understand the business model to identify the right Artificial Intelligence Solution and Algorithms to drive AI adoption. As an expert on the Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence, our team understands the needs and delivers as promised.

Not sure where to start, just write to us. We help you to validate your ideas.

Fogwing Professional Services

You may already have well-articulated connected business goals, IoT strategy, and devices but need scalable Industrial IoT Platform and Implementation Support, you could reach our Professional Service team who are specialized in gluing the pieces of the IoT puzzle to accomplish the goals.

If you want to know more and need help, write to us.

Why Intellioz?

Digital Transformation

Industry Domain Expertise
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