IT/OT Convergence

IT/OT Convergence
IT/OT Convergence

 Intellioz offers a unique set of end-to-end offerings to assist manufacturing organizations in IT/OT convergence, thus, transforming their operations ready for Industry 4.O and smart manufacturing.

IT/OT convergence for manufacturing organizations represents a paradigm shift in how organizations manage and optimize their operations, leveraging technology to drive efficiency, innovation, and competitiveness in today’s digital age.

IT/OT convergence realization involves the integration of Information Technology (IT) systems with Operational Technology (OT) systems within an organization or industrial environment.

 IT systems traditionally handle data processing, storage, and communication for administrative purposes, while OT systems are responsible for controlling and monitoring physical processes and physical assets, such as manufacturing equipment, power plants, or transportation systems.

Intellioz is helping unite IT and operations for digital initiatives that save money, enhance profitability, amplify security, and improve operational efficiency.

Intellioz offers the best practices and ready-to-deploy hardware, firmware, and software solutions with AI/IoT/machine-to-machine connection, which are the foundation for IT-OT convergence.

Intellioz’s smart manufacturing solutions include a set of following the industrial cloud, fogwing asset+, a real-time CMMS, and complete integration with OT systems including SCADA/PLC and related edge devices and connectors to manufacturing execution systems, ERP, and CRM.

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