AI-led Multi-channel Customer Response Automation

AI-led Multi-channel Customer Response Automation

As more and more businesses and retail customers switched to a digital approach, Our clients needed a more streamlined way of handling & responding to their customer queries in a more efficient & real-time manner. Customer satisfaction being the fundamental facet, they needed AI to answer difficult, easy, complex, and tough queries every day to build a faster, quicker, and smarter business model to make customers happy.

The Challenge

The biggest challenge in handling online queries comes from the sheer volume of it when customers can just direct their queries via emails. To handle such a workload manually, the workforce size required would be very restrictive. There is also the issue of errors and inconsistencies involved in a manual process of such high volume due to the human element involved. This would cause slower first responses and subsequent follow-ups or no responses at all, which would negatively affect customer experience. A bad first impression would have a lasting impact on the brand’s reputation.

How Automation Can Bridge the Gap

A machine can process information faster than an average human. With the Watson AI and Intellioz’s customization designed for our client, the volume of queries and emails handled can be managed while also driving accuracy and timely responses.

The AI can identify the queries, read the intent and urgency of it, can categorize the issue to be able to provide the correct response. With the help of Intellioz’s customization, it can then accurately and efficiently respond to these queries in real time, replicating the pattern followed by its agents. The real-time responses to queries received beyond normal business hours mean customers are not left waiting for responses.

The AI doesn’t have the restrictions of the human element and can efficiently handle enormous volumes, further reducing processing time, improving operational effectiveness, and optimizing management costs.

Intellioz's Customization bringing Cognitive Process Automation

With Intellioz’s customization based on existing client’s database, the Watson AI can easily and accurately categorize and identify queries, detect the sentiment and urgency, and prioritize and provide accurate responses. When a query is received, it undergoes Cognitive Process Automation where it’s categorized as a Complaint, Inquiry, Service Request, Clarification, or Feedback. Based on the category, it’s further segregated based on the intent, urgency, and sentiment expressed by the customer.

The AI engine automatically responds in real-time to all such emails where it meets or exceeds the threshold confidence score and sifts remaining emails to a manual queue for further review response by customer service agents.

At Intellioz, we can create AI-driven solutions customized to your business needs. With our in-house technology expertise and Insurance domain knowledge, we can create a real-time, streamlined multichannel response solution based on your existing business processes and nuances. Click here to get in touch with our experts to know more.

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